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As 2020 Ends....

We have to reflect on this wild year. We can not forget about the roses that emerged from the cracks...the artists and their work! This year has felt like 5 years in one, like a never ending roller coaster, like a year long airplane ride with turbulence. But through it all, the world was still able to smile, share laughs and feel a small gleam of hope because of the unbelievable artistic expressions delivered to us from all over the world. We at MyBlkIs could go on and on for days recapping 2020, but we won't hold you. So here is a quick 2020 recap of some of the artists that hit the world hard with content that just can't go unnoticed.

The Sound:

The Soulshakers:

The Vision:

The Movement:

The Lewk:

The Mood:

* Honorable mentions

Thank you for pouring your hearts out into your art and allowing us to share in that expression. Thank you to everyone who supports the arts and enjoys their work. May 2021 bring even more joy and creativity to our live.

Remember...MyBlkIs Radiant! MyBlkIs Smooth! MyBlkIs Endless! MyBlkIs Magical!


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