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The first of many...

Thank you for dropping by, but let's get down to what you came here for. What is Myblkis? What inspired it? What will you gain from supporting?

Welp, let's get into it...

Reaching back to the good ol' years our grannies and granddads talked about, to the '99 & the 2000 and then some, we will experience classics and new art in the forms of music, dance, poetry, fashion, fine art and photography. The goal is to relive and learn blk culture to know and love ourselves. To be grounded in our greatness. To thrive in the abundance that flows through our veins. Myblkis is all of ours.

I chose to explore all art mediums that have defined the blk culture we all live and love today. This platform dispels the negative stereotypes placed on us by others. This platform reclaims our bodies, our minds, our art, and our spirit to transform it into whatever WE call it. This platform takes ownership of the blk narrative. Creating one that is truthful, full and works for us with no one else in mind. This platform celebrates and not fetishizes durags, gold teeth, fried-dyed and blow dried hairstyles, air force ones, gold chains, bell bottoms and gold hoop earrings.

Growing up a lover of music, specifically 70's R&B, I naturally gravitated to the warm colors and provocative fashion ensembles, the dancing and everything in between that made the 70's great. That inspired me to dig deeper into what pulled me into this spunky stylish vortex. Blk people!!! It was the spirit, sharpness, creativity, wit, freedom and innovation by any means that elevated and cultivated a new culture. This was the first time in America that blk people unapologetically walked in their truths, thus setting a trend for us.

Like most blk people, I must thank the late great Don Cornelius and all of Soul Train. For me, it was the reruns of the original episodes that kept me rooted and wanting to know more of this greatness. I took it further to see what was happening around the world, not just in the Chocolate cities of america. Whew chile, I was blown away! Blk culture is vastly diverse, yet feels all too familiar around the world. Now more than ever, we have created a safe space for blk people to exist in spaces that we were pushed out of, watered down and white-washed because our beings were too much for others to fully grasp. Myblkis is amongst the spaces that welcome blkness in its enriching fullness. So take pride in who you are and join in on this never ending roller-coaster that we call blk culture!

Myblkis RICH. Myblkis VIBRANT. Myblkis POWERFUL!

So join in on the experience. Declare what your blk is below!


(The Creator)

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